(V)alter ego

09/04/2017 | 06/06/2017

Andrea Tardini Gallery, Venezia San Marco 3157A


Andrea Tardini Gallery hosts (V)alter Ego, the first solo show of Valter Adam Casotto. The artist, born in Padua, lives and works in London for the last years as prosthetic make-up artist in the cinema. He worked for well known director ad Ridley Scott and for production as Lo Hobbit, Harry Potter and The Games of Thrones. In 2016 he won the price “David di Donatello” as the best make up artist for the movie “The tale of tales” by Matteo Garrone. Parallel to his ufficial carrier in the cinema world, Valter has always developed a personal artistic production, display here for the first time. The realization of the works are made through a complex technique borrowed from the experience in the film world. The method used requires a remarkable amount of time and work to realize every piece, but it allows to achieve definition high results. Thanks to this aspect the artist’s works fall within the sculptural hyperrealism. As a follower of this movement, the peculiarities of the subjects Valter choose, is what distinguishes he by its predecessors. We are not dealing with full figures, but with “body parts” focused with a photographic cut. The sculptures become meat paintings as in the case of the series In the box, or, body parts on an enlarged scale, as in the case of a Stringiamoci a coorte, where an old hand stands as a monument. The fil rouge, that unites the corpus of works exhibited here, is the theoretical research that unfolds between the theme of time and the perception that man has, in relation to the finiteness of the flesh intendeed as delimiting envelope and ephemeral