Like a wave, Simon Gaon in action

01/09/2019 | 31/12/2019

Andrea Tardini Gallery Giudecca, 282 Venezia


Andrea Tardini Gallery presenta la prima mostra a Venezia di Simon Gaon. Pittore statunitense, nato a Manhattan nel 1943 in una famiglia ebrea uzbeka, Gaon è considerato l’ultimo degli Espressionisti, erede di Chaïm Soutine e Marc Chagall e un imprescindibile narratore della vita a New York, che lo ha recentemente omaggiato includendo le sue opere nella collezione del New York Historical Society Museum.

Con la mostra Like a wave Simon Gaon torna “in azione” nella città lagunare, dove ha vissuto negli anni Settanta, ospite negli spazi del laboratorio Fucina Andrea Tardini, che si trasformerà nel suo atelier. Un ritorno a casa e un ritorno al lavoro di un artista, oltre che un intenso dialogo simbolico tra le due città – isole, grandi protagoniste dell’opera pittorica di Gaon: Venezia e New York.

  • Simon Gaon

    Museums and collections hosting works

    􏰀 Museum of the City of New York, New York
    􏰀 New York Historical Society, New York
    􏰀 Yeshiva University Museum, New York
    􏰀 Hudson River Museum, New York
    􏰀 Art Students League, New York
    􏰀 White and Case, New York
    􏰀 West Valley Art Museum, Surprise, Arizona
    􏰀 France Loisirs, Paris, France
    􏰀 Millennium Hotel, New York
    􏰀 Carrot Capital, LLC, New York
    􏰀 Queen’s College Museum

    Simon Gaon lives and works in New York and Shelter Island

    1968 one man show at Art Students League – (reviewed)
    1966 awarded the Edward G. McDowell Traveling Scholarship – resulting in a one-person show in 1968
    1964 Academia 63, Haarlem, Holland
    1963–1976 resided mostly in Paris, France
    1959/1960 studied with Arthur Bressler, Roosevelt School, Stanford, CT

    Solo Exhibitions

    2009 South Street Gallery, Greenpoint, NY(current)
    2009 Nabi Gallery, New York, NY
    2009 Cercle Bernard Lazare, Paris, France
    2009 Espace Rachi, Paris, France
    2009/2008 Peter Findlay Gallery, New York, NY
    2008-09 Butler Fine Art, East Hampton
    2008 Galerie OPEN, Berlin, Germany
    2008 Galerie Rose, Hamburg, Germany
    2008 “Street Life – NY Stories“ Galerie Open, Berlin, Germany
    2006 Nabi Gallery, New York, NY
    2005 Peter Findlay Gallery, New York, NY
    2005 “Een Amerikaan in Haarlem” Ton Warndorff Gallery, Haarlem, The Netherlands
    2005 “Seascapes” (with Susan Sugar) Nabi Gallery New York, NY
    2005 ”City of Dreams” (with Dae-Woong Nam) Nabi Gallery, New York, NY
    2005 “New Yorker Bilder” Galerie Rose, Hamburg, Germany
    2003 West Valley Museum, Surprise, Arizona
    2002 Ludvika Konsthall, Ludvika, Sweden
    2001 Yeshiva University Museum, New York, NY
    1999 Peter Findlay Gallery, New York, NY
    1999 Galleri Rubens, Smedjebacken, Sweden
    1999 Galerie Rose, Hamburg, Germany
    1997 Galerie Peter Fischinger, Stuttgart, Germany
    1995 Galerie Peter Fischinger, Stuttgart, German
    1995 “New York Paintings” Susan Conway Gallery, Washington, D.C.
    1990 Galerie Peter Fischinger, Stuttgart, Germany
    1990 Galerie Rose, Hamburg, Germany
    1989 The Exhibition Space, New York (sponsored by Ingber Gallery)
    1988 Ingber Gallery, New York, NY
    1986 Nicolas Roerich Museum, New York, NY
    1974 Galerie des Ambassadeurs, Paris, France
    1969 two-man show with Arthur Bressler, Loeb Center, New York, NY
    1968 Art Students League, New York Ci,ty
    1965 Stern Brothers Gallery, New York, NY

    Group Exhibitions:

    1995-2009 Peter Findlay Gallery, New York, NY
    2007-2008 Butler Fine Art, East Hampton, NY
    2007 “Miniatures” Nabi Gallery, New York, NY
    2007 Acme Fine Art, Boston, MA
    2007 Valley House Gallery, Dallas TX
    2006 AFP Gallery, New York, NY
    2005 “Häfen, Meer und Ringelnatz” Galerie Rose, Hamburg, Germany
    2005 Spanierman Gallery, East Hampton, NY
    2004 Gallery Schlesinger, New York, NY
    2004 Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York,. NY (also 1994)
    2004 New Acquisitions, Municipal Arts Society, New York, NY
    2004 The Gallery at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton, NJ
    2003 The New York Historical Society, New York, NY
    2002 The Gallery at Bristol Myers Squibb, Princeton, NJ
    1997/99/01 Nabi Gallery, New York, NY
    1998 National Academy of Design, New York
    1997 Mangel Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
    1995 ACA Galleries, New York, NY
    1994 Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York, NY
    1992 Graham Modern, New York, NY
    1990 “Berlin – New York – Stuttgart,“ Frank Bustamante Gallery, New York, NY
    1990 Helander Gallery, New York, NY
    1990 Galerie Rose, Hamburg, Germany
    1988 Ingber Gallery, New York, NY
    1982 The Parrish Museum, Southampton, NY
    1975 The Subjectivist Gallery, NY

    About Simon Gaon

    In his painting Simon Gaon refers to the evidence of the arduous lesson of Van Gogh and Soutine through the skill with which their artistic intervention has sublimated the effect of Nature on the canvas. A hallucinatory tone and dwelling inner violence emerge, ever mistrustful of an obvious visual perception. Here, we are taken beyond that which is immediately perceived. We are faced with an alternative semiotic mood of the visible and representable, a new definition of communication that involves the subconscious.

    In the portraits and landscapes of Simon Gaon we encounter a narrative upon the canvas that unveils something out of the ordinary. We are taken into a novel form beyond the surface that reveals a passion that recalls Kokoschka and Soutine. Speaking directly to an impressive repulsion of every aesthetic belief, it denies that Art can offer an authentic idea of emancipation in the world. A vague disclosure of an atavistic mirror in which mankind is presented with the same anthropological anxiety of searching, the tension of a compelling struggle that is repeated throughout history.

    There is an explicit critique of the purpose of Self as a sort of ideal rule of Art as might be suggested by the Renaissance and Surrealism. The manic and convulsive lines that extrapolate the more congenial form, the refusal of any ideology or faith whatsoever, the weight of colors suggesting the perspective of mass all mixed together in a melting pot. The human figure in this context is an undisclosed mystery that argues the dynamic and precarious psyche of complex human behavior. The origin is to be found in the inner, unresolved conflicts repeated each time a man appears defeated until discovering the inexorability of his loneliness and the sorrow of his anonymity where mystery and misery of each and every individual rises to the surface